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Our Team

Dr. Kai Rohs

After studying law in Tübingen, Dr. Kai Rohs went through a mandatory clerkship with several stages. Especially, the stages in administrative court Sigmaringen and in an authority in Dresden were characterized by aliens law. His career as a lawyer has started in the mid-1990s (specialized in aliens law). Due to a long-term experience in East Asia, he is able to emphasize with clients from abroad, who are faced with difficulties

Shelley Jiang  蒋雪莹

黑龙江省社会科学院世界史专业硕士 担任豪斯博士律师事务所的中文翻译工作,为华人客户提供免费的同声传译、文件翻译等服务。
Shelley Jiang is working in this law firm since July 2018. She earned master’s degree in world history after attending the Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Science. She cares for chinese clients and she is available for interpreting and translating from and into Chinese.

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